Rounding is where nurses make rounds to all their patients. They address concerns of patients, monitor vital signs, document progress, and much more. If you ask the nurses at Shannon Medical Center, it just got a lot easier.

Shannon originally used pen and paper, then upgraded to an electronic system, but Shannon’s Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Becky Fuentes, thinks it’s time for another change. She says, “The othe one would lock up and not flow very easy, but this one just flows through with the questions. the questions just flow very easy.”

The new system, Orchid, is on an iPad and takes nurses through a series of questions to ensure every patient gets the same standard of care while decreasing the wait time for patients.

Fuentes adds, “It allow the nurse managers to go in and to easily ask the same questions. If the patient has a need that needs to be addressed or a concern, if it has something to do with housekeeping, or their dietary needs, we can actually at that time notify that department so that department director can come up and talk to the patient.”

The nurses at shannon Showed us just how easy this new system is to use.

One nurse says, “It’s quick and makes rounding a lot easier. We don’t have to write down anything. If say a patient is having problems on a Friday and I want the chart nurses to make sure they follow up with him on the weekend, I can send them an alert to their email so they can go back and check on that patient. “

Fuentes says she expects to have the new Orchid system throughout the entire hospital within the next six weeks.