SAN ANGELO, Texas — Student Innovators and Creators of New Style (Student ICONS) is a non-profit youth fashion organization founded by Uniquka Christian, which recognizes and encourages aspiring youth fashion designers in San Angelo, Texas.

Christian believes that sewing is an important life skill that can be both fun and lifesaving.

“It is an opportunity for them to use their hands, to be creative, to take an idea that they may have in their mind and to actually turn it into something they can actually wear,” said Christian, “a wearable work of art, and actually sewing has become like a lost art in a way.”

November 26, 2022, was the student’s last class day to complete their sleepwear creations, which will include their own robe and pajama sets for their upcoming fashion show on December 10, 2022.

Students in today’s class shared with CVHP staff their favorite parts of the class included being able to make and complete their own pajama sets and being able to use the sewing machines. Students are provided with their own sewing machines to borrow for the class, fabrics, supplies, and instruction.

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For more information, email, visit their website at or call 469-226-5362