SAN ANGELO, Texas — According to a Facebook post by the San Angelo Police Department an unknown person has been contacting local residents by “spoofing” their emergency dispatch number.

The post went on to say that the unknown person or persons have been demanding to receive payment for warrants that do not exist.

SAPD asks that if you are contacted by such persons you do what you can to identify the person calling and if there is any doubt to hang up and contact the agency directly that they claimed to be associated with. Do not disclose personal information over the phone unless you are sure who you are speaking to is legitimate.

The SAPD will NEVER contact you over the phone and request payments for warrants, child support, or any other fines associated with citations or criminal charges nor will the SAPD request for payments in the form of gift cards, cash applications, or wired transactions of any kind.

If you have any questions, please contact SAPD’s Desk Duty Officer at 325-481-2696 during regular business hours or our Non-emergency dispatch at 325-657-4315 after hours.