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SAPD's "Whole Lotta Woman" Lip Sync Goes Viral

Female officers with SAPD accept #LipSyncChallenge

San Angelo, Tx - Over the last week, the San Angelo Police Department has received multiple requests to take the (Texas Law Enforcement) Lip Sync Challenge.

Challenge... accepted! 

Four women on the force took to the stage -- or should we say, squad car -- and filmed themselves lip-singing to Kelly Clarkson's "Whole Lotta Woman"-- a perfect ode to their Texas roots!

Participants were Sergeant J. Lajoie, Officer T. Gonzalez, Officer R. Stuart and Officer P. Potts. 

As of Friday (July 6, 2018), the video has more than ten thousand likes on Facebook... and nearly 200 thousand views. 

According to their post on Facebook... the video was -quote- "...created during the officers' lunch hour and off-duty time. No men or tax payers' dollars were injured during the filming of this video."

Not just #LipSyncChallenge, but #SAPDGirlPower

Check out the full Facebook video below!


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