SAN ANGELO, Texas – The City of San Angelo will recognize the dedication and hard work of seven San Angelo ISD school board trustees Tuesday, January 18th, during their meeting at McNease Convention Center at 8:30 a.m. for January’s 2022 School Board Month.

San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter, alongside City Council, will recognize SAISD board members President Max Parker, Vice President Bill Dendle, Secretary Gerard Gallegos, Treasurer Dr. Taylor Kingman, Trustee and former president Lanny Layman, Trustee Ami Mizell-Flint and Trustee Lupita
Arroyo. These members have spent countless hours volunteering to lead and support the SAISD schools and those in their communities.

Members of the community and SAISD are welcome to join in the recognition of these hardworking individuals.

The State of Texas dedicates the month of January to those serving as school board members. These board members work with teachers, administration, students, parents, and others in the school’s community to help guide the schools in the best way possible. This helps ensure a successful learning environment for students and guides school systems to help with evolving needs of students. School board trustees dedicate their time and efforts to guiding schools currently while also helping the city’s future generations.