SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Anglo State Park reflects on its New Year’s events and looks ahead to the future.

“We had a few events and started at midnight, and had 103 people come out,” said Tara Fattouh. “We had 900+ miles logged for the whole day.”

This weekend on Saturday, Jan. 7, the park will be doing a hike to its Permian tracks, which pre-date dinosaurs by over 100 million years.

“They are really unique,” said Fattouh. “There are not a lot of these tracks exposed in the world.”

The hike will begin at 10 a.m. at the 8-3 gate. Fattouh states that the gate can be easy to miss so she will be there in a white truck that will be posted near the gate to give it exposure to those interested in the hike.

With deer season coming to an end, Fattouh gives insight into what is to come.

“We still have our quail and dove going on. You still need to register at the gatehouse if you have not been hunting with us this season.

For more information including events, visit its website which can be located here. Or visit the park’s Facebook and Instagram pages. These pages help prepare visitors for the hike such as proper footwear and gear.