SAN ANGELO, Texas – “I have family here in San Angelo, even though I live in Los Angeles, and I tour the world all year long performing and producing immersive theatre and I love ghosts. So I was back here visiting family and I was walking around this museum and I thought, ‘this would be an amazing place for a haunt, because there’s so much history here,” Shelby Bond, Creator and Producer of the Railway Haunt said.

Bond says he’s been working on this production for quite some time, auditioning and enlisting a cast of more than 30 people. Even getting a mother-daughter makeup artist duo in on the mix. 

“I actually started my own thing years ago and we’ve traveled the world doing anything from choreography, costuming, make up, all kinds of stuff,” makeup artist Robin Pullman said.

Her daughter, Miko Abe, who works and travels with her mother says that home is “everywhere!”

During the haunts, the cast will be fully made up and will transform into spooky spirits the kids should probably stay at home. 

“It’s gonna be totally terrifying,” Bond said. “We’re brining 100 years of history to life…well, to death.”

This haunt is immersive meaning, you will be included in the production.  

“You’re gonna have to go down a different hallway, making difference choice, you are a part of the production. It makes it real, you can see it, smell it, touch it and it brings it alive and it’s more than just ‘well done…well done,” Bond said.

You can book tickets online at The haunts begin October 14th and will run until October 31st.