SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — The San Angelo National Weather Service says they’re getting ready for Saturday’s “ring of fire” solar eclipse. Stephan Harrison, a San Angelo NWS science and operations officer, says the event increases demand for sky, cloud and temperature forecasts.

“Especially for our emergency manager partners, because they have to do a lot of preparing for the influx of visitors to their area if they’re in the path of totality for the eclipse,” Harrison said. “That’s actually what we’re doing right now. We have several forecasters that are down in Junction right now preparing updated forecasts.”

Our staff also met some visitors from Denver, Colorado, who came to San Angelo to spend time together and watch the eclipse.

“I’ve never been out here before, so yes I am excited,” visitor Brenda Daley said.

San Angelo residents also say they’re excited to see a solar event in Texas.

“This is something that only happens every so many years and everything, so it’s a really cool event,” San Angelo resident Krystn Torres said. “Especially since Texas is going to be able to see it at the full ring of fire. You can see the full thing, where it’s fully covered and that little light. It’s going to be something we’ll never experience again, or at least in a lot of years.”

The National Weather Service says protection is also important. They say to wear sunscreen and have your solar eclipse glasses.

“The weather for the ring of fire eclipse tomorrow looks pretty good for viewing the eclipse,” Harrison said. “We’re not expecting clouds really. We’re looking at sunny to mainly sunny skies for tomorrow during the actual eclipse, temperatures will be pleasant around — 66 F or so. Winds from the northeast, 10 to 15 miles per hour. So it looks like pretty pleasant viewing conditions for the eclipse.”

Harrison says the National Weather Service plans to have updates a little more frequently throughout the day.