SAN ANGELO, Texas — It’s the moment ‘ewe’ all have been waiting for, according to Downtown San Angelo, as they announced the city’s first-ever official “sheep map.”

The map covers sheep locations all over San Angelo and was designed by Angelo State University student Alexis Goodwin.

The Downtown San Angelo Inc. Sheeptacular Art Project can be seen all over town. Each sheep is uniquely designed and painted by local artists and sponsored by local San Angelo businesses and organizations, according to DTSA.

Scavenger hunters can travel around town and visit the site of each statue and every sheep is pictured in DTSA’s sheep gallery. The gallery mirrors the list that is available on the sheep tour brochure so that you can easily access the locations, sponsors, and artists for each sheep statue in San Angelo. 

View digital copies online at for on-the-go sheep searches or download & print 11×17 copies.