SAN ANGELO, Texas– After a 38-year journey as the President and CEO of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, Howard Taylor is retiring.

He started his journey in the world of art as a child. He says that his mom and dad immersed him in art through museums and he says it is an essential part of getting people involved in their artistic journeys.

Taylor told KLST reporters that they work to make the museum a place for kids to have an experience and learn to enjoy and appreciate art at a young age. “Who really goes to museums as adults, it’s people who are exposed to museums as children. And so that’s very much part of our DNA here at the museum is children, children, children.”

Taylor says the reason his replacement, Alex Freeman, is a good fit for this role is because they are both futuristic thinkers. Taylor said, “It’s time for me. And I’m most excited about this to see the change. A new generation coming in and someone that can really take these wonderful assets and take them to a new level and I think beyond even things we’ve imagined.”

Freeman, who just came from working with the Texas Association of Museums, says that San Angelo feels like home. “The city beckoned to me, for many reasons. The museum and artistic community here are very strong. One of the world-class museums, lots of rewards here, and really strong community engagement.”

Taylor and Freeman are working closely now as they plan out future projects and make a smooth transition in the new year. Howard Taylor will remain in the Director role until January of next year.