SAN ANGELO, Texas – Sharon Troy, the mother of Kristine Noel Rodriguez, decided to get a personalized bench in dedication of her daughter who died early this year.

On the persoanlized bench a portion will read ‘no health without mental health’ because while her daughter was alive, mental health awareness was her mission, spending her later years working at the San Angelo Clubhouse.

“She just had such a passion for making people feel comfortable,” Sharon Troy, Kristine’s mother said.

That’s how Sharon Troy describes her daughter Kristine Noel Rodriguez, or Kristi as she’s remembered. The year anniversary of her death is nearing, her birthday is even closer as she was a Christmas baby.

“So the closer it gets the Christmas it’s been harder,” Troy mentioned.

Kristine lost her life in a car crash January of this year, her mother keeping Kristine’s memory alive with a bench being placed on that same corner.

“Kristine would think it was a really cool idea to have a bench made for someone

The idea coming from the want to do something permanent for Kristine, Sharon met with the president of Texas Bank and the ball just started rolling.

“He said, ‘Well, we own that little piece of concrete or that bus stop is’ and I asked ‘Where that bench is sitting right now? I said maybe we could do a bench or personalized bench and he said okay, just bring me the drawings,” Troy said.

Mental health awareness and the clubhouse meant the world to Kristine and the members loved her back. They even helped create the drawings of what the bench should look like.

“It has The San Angelo Clubhouse on the bench,” Troy said. “She loved the members and they still miss her.”

The bench dedication will be held Saturday the 18th and Sharon hopes mental health awareness is spread through Christy’s bench.

“Know that that was Kristine’s passion was for reaching out to those with mental illness mental health issues,” Troy said.