San Angelo, Tx – Early voting for the May 6th elections started Monday in San Angelo, this week KLST and KSAN are introducing you to the candidates for San Angelo Mayor.


Brenda Gunter is leaning on her business background for her run for mayor. She has been a VP at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s, as well as a President of Calvin Klein in New York. After arriving in San Angelo she opened a restaurant. She believes her experience in business will help San Angelo’s economy.  Gunter says “I will make a difference. I’ve been there I’ve done it. I’ve made economic development happen downtown and I’m tired of hearing about the frustrations and issues that have negatively impacted our growth and development.”

Gunter wants to make it easier for new businesses to start and grow in San Angelo. She thinks this can be done by revamping the development process and adjusting regulations. Gunter says “We need to be able to allow these small mom and pop businesses afford to be in business, but they can’t do it if we have over regulation and continuing to increase permits and fees and all of the unnecessary obstacles, the red tape, if you will that get in the way of them being willing to start their own business.”

Infrastructure is a major priority of Gunter’s as well, and according to Gunter, “That means taking care of the streets, the water and sewer lines.” Gunter says we also need to take care of our first responders. She believes she is the candidate that can bring strong leadership to the mayoral office. Gunter opined, “I believe the number one thing we need today in San Angelo is strong leadership and leadership that shows they have a vision for who we can become as a city, not just who we are today but who we can become because that’s what will pull  more companies, more people, more corporation, and more jobs.”

For more information you can check out Brenda Gunter’s campaign’s Facebook Page at


Early voting will be all week and Monday May 1st – Tuesday May 2nd from 7am to 7pm at the Edd B. Keyes building and paper ballots will be available upon request.