San Angelo ISD prepares for teacher education

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SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo takes the education of its teachers just as seriously as it does for their students. That’s why this week sees SAISD teachers attending the annual Learning Palooza at Lakeview High School. As San Angelo students head out for their summer adventures, their teachers are preparing to head to school for themselves.

“We’re very excited to be hosting our SAISD annual teacher professional learning conference,” said Farrah Gomez, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for SAISD. “It’s June 11 through 13 at Lakeview High School. We do have a few sessions at a few other campuses but the bulk will all be held at Lakeview.”

During the conference, teachers will have the opportunity to take in ideas, resources and information on ways to take their lessons to the next level. Gomez says that while teachers are always adapting to changes in curriculum and student learning styles, a major focus this year is technology. “As our kids come in they’re more digital natives, and we’re digital immigrants; we have to really learn how we use technology to increase and capture the students learning and not just the digital platform. So, we can do a lot of fancy things with a computer but how is the use of that instructional technology capturing students creation of their new learning.”

Through collaboration with other teachers in their grade level and subject areas, teachers will learn about designing engaging work for students. Those designs will reflect the SAISD learner profile which sorts students by learning style.


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