San Angelo ISD partners with Angelo State University to offer additional dual credit courses to Lake View HS

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo Independent School District (SAISD) and Angelo State University (ASU) would like to announce its Presidential Dual Credit Scholars Program. This in-person dual credit core course will be offered to students at Lake View High School (LVHS) and taught by ASU professors and Lake View High School credentialed teachers.

This program will allow students to earn both college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Courses will be offered to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at no cost to the students. LVHS students will be able to enroll in at least a maximum of 3 courses per semester.

These new dual credit courses will provide LVHS students with the opportunity to earn credit hours in core subjects need for college. This means that students who enroll in the program could graduate from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years with little to no debt.

“This partnership with Angelo State University will open new doors for our Lake View High School students, paving their way to college as one more opportunity to provide future readiness to our students.” “High school students who may not have considered attending higher education may now look at this as a pathway to earning a college degree. Having college professors teach our students alongside our teachers will be a monumental experience for LVHS Chiefs!”

Dr. Candi Callas SAISD Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

SAISD will begin offering these dual credit options for LVHS students in the Fall of 2021. Students will have the privilege to illustrate their interest in these courses on campus starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

LVHS students enrolled in the program will spend one day each 9-weeks at the ASU campus, in order to experience college life. Bus transportation will be provided from Lake View High School to Angelo State University, so the students can attend the normal activities on campus. Also, experience the feeling of being a ‘Ram Fam’. By attending these activities, LVHS students will be able to attain resources such as tutoring services and Blackboard. An ASU graduate assistant will also be available on the LVHS campus to discuss college readiness and opportunities for the student’s future.

“Enhancing the Presidential Scholars Dual Credit Program at LVHS is Angelo State’s commitment to the students and parents of making the dream of earning a bachelor’s degree a reality in four years or less with the lowest amount of debt,”

Dr. Javier Flores, ASU Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment

San Angelo ISD is always open to ideas for enhancing academic programs and offerings. This is the way SAISD provides its students with relevant and inspiring education for their future. SAISD is proud to have a partner in San Angelo with ASU to assist us in reaching these goals with our students.

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