SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Fire Department celebrated new leadership, retirements and promotions at the McNease Convention Center on Oct. 28.

Lieutenant Santos Elizando, who has helped teach training, was recognized for his more than 25-year career. Corry Sanders was promoted to the assistant fire chief and Patrick Brody was promoted to the new San Angelo fire chief. Both Michael Anderson and Chuck Patterson were promoted to battalion chief as well.

Chief Brody shares more of what the promotion process looks like for the firefighters at the department.

“Our promotional process is 100% civil service. It entails a 100-question promotional exam and the study materials, you have anywhere from five to six books about 3,000 pages of material,” Brody explained. “You will have 90 days to study this material and you will have to perform on the promotional exam. You’re ranked a hiring order one.”