SAN ANGELO, Texas – The fishing pier on Lake Nasworthy has been closed for some time. Now the effort to replace it has stalled, with city officials saying the only bid for the contract, came in too high for comfort. The new pier is designed to make the spot capable of holding events, in addition to accommodating multiple anglers.

“[The bid] was almost three times higher than the expected opinion [of] the probable cost from our engineering firm that had designed it,” said Shane Kelton, Executive Director of Public Works for San Angelo. “So we rejected the bid today, and we’re going to go back out for bids, this week or next week, depending on when we can get the bids back out on the street and get everything advertised.”

Now, what was thought to be a summer debut, is delayed by at least 30 days. This will push the grand opening from late summer, to fall 2021. Why the bid was so much higher than the designer estimate, is puzzling city officials.

“I suspect the biggest issue has been the cost of commodities,” explained San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter. “We keep hearing about the cost of lumber the cost of all of the items that are used in construction, so I’m sure part of it is that issue. But we will dig into it some more and see if the design is what we need, or is it the design that [has] created the cost factor that was anticipated.”

Next up, City Council will aim to restart the entire bid process for the pier. Mayor Gunter also said City Council would find a way to make this project happen since it is a priority for the community. It is worth noting that, in addition to the pier project, the city is also trying to complete numerous street overhauls and other infrastructure updates.