San Angelo Area Foundation receives disaster relief grant

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Mostly going towards tornado repair efforts

SAN ANGELO, TX – The San Angelo Area Foundation strives for their mission of community aid and outreach, especially following natural disasters. They rely not only on community donations, but grants too. A recent San Angelo Health Foundation announcement was cause for joy.

“We’re excited to announce that were the recipient of a $100,000 grant from the San Angelo Health Foundation,” said Matt Lewis, President and CEO for the San Angelo Area Foundation. “One of our wonderful philanthropic organizations in our community. They announced their next round of grants that they do this time of year.

A key focus for these funds will be the continued repair and recovery of San Angelos Bradford neighborhood which was impacted by a tornado in may. While a lot of hard work has already gone into this and other areas of san angelo, there is still much to do before some sense of normal can return.

“Up until we found out that the health foundation was going to support us we’d raised about $80,000,” Lewis explained. “Some of that was from funds here by the [area] ]foundation, by the board of directors, but also donors within the community. But the health foundation added $100,000 to that.”

Ballinger residents will also benefit from the funds raised, though Lewis stressed the importance of pulling funds and other aid from multiple sources. “A lot of these folks, we’ve been so impressed; everybody’s out there doing a lot of the work themselves,” Lewis continued. “Churches from all across the community, and throughout this part of texas are helping and pitching in. So we’re able, if they’ve got a good plan in place, we’re able to use these dollars to help buy materials and do things that they’re not able to get with the rest of the assistance.”

To learn more, or to donate to the San Angelo Area Foundation, visit their website.

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