SAN ANGELO, Texas – As summer break approaches for SAISD students, many parents may be considering their grocery budget. Not to worry though, as the SAISD Summer Food Service Program is ready to provide nutritious meals to San Angelo area children and teens under 18 for free.

The Summer Food Service Program, overseen by state and federal officials, ensures children and teens ages 18 and younger can continue eating healthy meals. This includes breakfast, lunch and a snack, throughout the summer. We spoke with one parent who said although they qualify, they don’t use the program, but are glad to know it is there. “I believe that it’s a good thing to fall back on and there are some families out there that do need that help,” said Savanna Acosta, parent to a fourth grade SAISD student. “It’s great that the community provides something like that, and from my understanding it is actually healthy food. They have several locations all over city. So it’s convenient to get to.” Acosta also said that those who do feel the need to use the program, should, without feeling embarrassed.

The program involves several SAISD campus locations, as well as the Boys and Girls Club locations. Those that may need the assistance are encouraged to sign up online or call the program office at: 325-659-3615. Funding for the summer meals program comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture. This will be the 28th year of the program in San Angelo.