SAN ANGELO, Texas – According to San Angelo Independent School District, high school campuses (Central High School, Central High School on Oakes, Lake View High School, PAYS, and Carver) will be closed for one day on Friday, January 14, 2022.

Classes will resume in person on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

SAISD says the closure is due to “staffing considerations, including allocation of limited substitutes, and the health and wellness of our community.”

In a statement, SAISD said, “high school teachers and staff will continue to report to campuses for work on Friday and be available online to support students. This update does not impact elementary or middle school students who will continue to have in-person instruction as regularly scheduled.

Additional details released by SAISD regarding Friday, January 14th for high school students are as follows:

  • Attendance will not be recorded, however, we encourage our students to log into Schoology to complete any outstanding assignments and enrichment activities or attend scheduled virtual tutoring with your teacher via Zoom if needed. 
  • Extracurricular activities and athletic schedules will be communicated by coaches and sponsors. 

“This one-day high school closure will enable SAISD to allocate our personnel resources where they are most needed at this time in our elementary and middle schools. Friday is consistently the most challenging day for staffing purposes. Student and staff health and safety remain our top priority. We continue to evaluate and consult with local health officials and the Center for Disease Control each week to assess current conditions. SAISD is utilizing protocols at all campuses and facilities to maximize safety,” SAISD representatives said.