SAISD 2021-2022 school year registration now open

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Registering before deadline can ensure smooth scheduling and program access

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Registration for San Angelo Independent School District is open now through August 18, when school begins. Both new and returning student’s parents must either register, or log in to their ‘Home Access Center‘ and confirm that all information is up to date. Administrators stress the importance of not waiting until the last minute to register.

This ensures that there is still ample time to form your child’s schedule and make sure they can access the programs they want, programs, like the TRIYS Symposium. “Our Dr. Carolyn Bonds TRIYS Symposium is happening [April through] March,” explained Tiffany Huebner, Director of Advanced Academics and Fine Arts for SAISD. “Because of covid now we’ve stretched it across March and April. So this symposium is where our students get to research have research projects and present them to educators and to community members.”

TRIYS stands for “Texas Research Institute for Young Scholars.” The projects completed by the students often run the gambit from community service and outreach, to research. All geared towards reinforcing the SAISD “Learner Profile,” making them better communicators, critical thinkers, creators and collaborators.

As a reminder, the access code system used for online registration last year has been phased out. Now, parents simply log in to their “Home Access Center.”

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