SAN ANGELO, Texas — The city announced on a Facebook post that the San Angelo Fire Department and other volunteer departments will participate in joint training on Sunday, Sept. 18.

According to the post, the fire apparatus will use the Bell Street boat ramp area to draft water from the river into water tenders, then transfer it to an aerial apparatus that will ultimately discharge the water back into the river.

The following areas of South Concho Park Drive in San Angelo will be utilized:

  • Old SAFD training field located at 1525 S. Concho Park Drive.
  • Bell Street boat ramp located on South Concho Park Drive (across from the park) will be closed off early Sunday morning, lasting most of the day but no later than 5 p.m.
  • Fire apparatus will be making a continuous loop traveling between the two places above utilizing South Concho Park Drive
  • No lights or sirens will be used by the fire apparatus, nor will any travel produce aggressive driving by the apparatus operators.