SAN ANGELO, Texas – September 2020 will see the kick off of a major street and utility project in San Angelo. While the much discussed Chadbourne Street improvement project is not scheduled to begin until after the holidays, the work on the North Chadbourne section will begin soon.

“From Loop 306 all the way up to 49th street, it is going to be a roadway reconstruction and a utility portion of that,” explained City Engineer Lance Overstreet. “So, residents can expect that the the utility portion of that project which is going to be kicking off September 5 is going to be taking place real soon. It is going to be a big project it’s […] about the same size and scope of the Bell Street project that we’re doing. [It is] a continuation of what the city is doing in our Capital Improvements, trying to reconstruct some of those more major roadways.”

San Angelo residents can expect a slew of detours and delays as the work is completed a few blocks at a time over the next year or two. But, all of it is necessary to update aging infrastructure and provide a smoother driving experience. To keep up to date with project announcements visit the city web page.