SAN ANGELO, Texas- Congressman August Pfluger was sworn into the 118th congress as the representative for the 11th district of Texas for his second term. Since then he has been in D.C. where he spent time voting on a new house speaker.

“It took us almost a week before we elected Kevin McCarthy into the Speaker of the House. In doing that we were able to come up with rules that allow every member to have their voice heard, every member to advocate for their district, and every member to take part in the legislative process,” said the Representative of the 11th district of Texas, August Pfluger.

He also debated important issues, including securing the border and American energy dominance. A very fitting topic as he was just named to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“Making sure that we become once again energy independent, that we fight back against the Biden administration, and that we allow producers in West Texas including the Permian Basin where I represent Midland and Odessa, to continue to produce American energy,” added Pfluger.

While continuing to advocate for his district he hopes to bring a little bit of West Texas to the Capitol.

“If Washington D.C. was like San Angelo or Midland or Odessa or Brownwood or Eden or Ballinger, we wouldn’t have any problems and that’s exactly what I intend to do. To bring those values to Washington D.C.,” said Pfluger.