SAN ANGELO, Texas- A dependable, godly woman, that’s how she’s described by her peers. Tina Glass had dedicated her life to hearing God’s call and helping those in need.

“I just have a big heart for the community of San Angelo and especially those who are in need. When I was a single mom for many years when my girls were really little, I was a paycheck away from being in those shoes myself so it’s very important to fill those holes wherever they are,” said Remarkable Women Nominee, Tina Glass.

She grew up in First Presbyterian Church in Downtown San Angelo. She now works for the church and volunteers with the homeless ministry.

“There’s people everywhere who don’t understand what it’s like to be needy in that situation. The first time I went to the homeless camp, it was very hard to see need on that level because we all have houses to go home to. Seeing the need on that level, it was hard to think I’m going to get involved in this,” said Glass.

March of 2022 was a trying time for the homeless community here in San Angelo after a grass fire off North Bryant displaced several people who called the city’s homeless encampment “home”.

“I went down there with the church bus. We loaded them up, took them out, listened to their stories, and it became even more of my heart’s desire to help in whatever way I could,”

Glass also works with the Wesley Soup Kitchen, the Into the Warmth Program, and was a part of the group that spearheaded Homeless Navigation Day.

“Services come together in one place where they can get ids and all the different things that they might need in one place. I help by giving rides, bringing breakfast and snacks,” said Glass.

One of Glass’ twin daughters Jessica nominated her alongside co-worker Sherry Klein. They both tell us why they think Tina is a remarkable woman.

“I think she’s pretty amazing. She does all this stuff in the community, single parent, and she’s been a trooper through everything,” said daughter, Jessica Glass.

“She came here to start working at the church about 3 years ago and she jumped right in helping us with the sack lunches. Then the more we worked together, the more I found out she did so many other things and I thought well that’s just absolutely amazing,” said co-worker, Sherry Klein.

Glass tells us god’s calling on her life has put her where she is today and hopes to continue to spread his goodness to those in need.

“Life is really good right now. God has really blessed me and it’s 100% glory to him for giving me the heart, but not only the heart, the courage to do what he’s asked me to do,” said Glass.