SAN ANGELO, Texas- Commander and founder of the women’s veteran society in San Angelo, Leandra Hernandez wants to create a safe space for her sisters in arms.

“When you are connected with other women veterans who have been in the same shoes as you, its easier to just unload and know that you are not alone,” said Hernandez.

In the same shoes is Lori Jackson, a member of the society and also the person who nominated Hernandez. She tells KLST just how much the group is expanding.

“She’s made sure that she’s arranged community events and built a team of people who also are women’s veterans that actually get to meet and help other veterans,” said Jackson.

Holding the title of a veteran is very prestigious but Hernandez tells us that sometimes that honor can be overlooked when you’re a woman.

“When you come out or even when you’re in service, there are so many times when you’re going through things that your male counterparts aren’t. It can be a very lonely place because you’re not viewed as a veteran, you’re viewed as a mother, you’re viewed as a wife, and we still go through those hidden traumas,” said Hernandez.

Boyfriend Gabriel Castro shares with us why he believes Hernandez is in fact, a remarkable woman.

“She has a real servant’s heart. She has the ability to recognize and issue and act on it,” said Castro.

The society has plenty of events planned to bring veterans together in the Concho Valley and the biggest one is coming up!

“June 12th is women’s veterans day so we want to highlight that. We will be throwing our first-ever Women’s Veterans Gala, so we’re super excited about that in the future.