Relief and opportunity headed to the Railway Museum of San Angelo

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Railway Museum of San Angelo and its guests are in for some much-needed relief. The air conditioning system at the Railway Museum has been broken for around a year now, causing high temps within. After being approved for a grant, the board is already taking steps to get a new HVAC system which will do more than just cool the building.

“Getting everything in order, from the bookkeeping to just laying down the groundwork for people knowing that everything that was happening here was good for the community,” Suzanna Valenzuela President of the Railway Museum’s Board of Directors said.

That’s been the mission of the Railway Museums Board of Directors since new leadership took reign in 2019.

A part of improving the role RMSA has on the city, is fixing a year’s long air conditioning issue, but an order has been placed. An HVAC system is on the way thanks to a grant from The Health Foundation, totaling over 73 thousand dollars. Receiving this was no easy feat and after multiple trials and errors the board decided to hire a grant writer.

“She gave us specific instructions on the information she needed and put all of that together for us in a nice format and submitted it to the Health Foundation for us,” Valenzuela said.

The grant writer’s work found the income has increased 85%. Business is growing and once the units arrive the museum can enter the new age of technology.

“We will actually have the ability to adjust the temperature from our telephones, the board of directors that will have that,” Valenzuela said.

Better air flow will also lead to more opportunities.

“All of that efficiency is going to help us have some cost savings, and all those cost savings will go into the operations of the museum to help us do other things,” Valenzuela said.

Other things like attracting people to the railway to learn its history.

“If not for the railroad, we wouldn’t have been able to expand our oil and gas business, Goodfellow Air Force Base, they brought the soldiers in that way,” Valenzuela said. ‘So, the railroad truly helped this community to grow and become what it is today.’

The Railway Museum is partnering with Parsons Heating and Air who have already set up a plan on where units will go, and units are expected to be delivered in 8 to 10 weeks.

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