SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Railway Museum of San Angelo is raising a toast to 25 years in a special way.

From September 8-11, the museum will relive history with “Arthur Stilwell’s Dream of Steam,” the true tale of how San Angelo got its cherished depot.

The release describes the story as follows…

Arthur Stilwell had a dream–and San Angelo was at the heart of that dream. He heard voices, dreamed big and imagined a mighty railroad running through San Angelo and into Mexico. His trains would transport the riches of the Orient to the United States and make a fortune for those who had the vision to follow him. Over 100 years ago, Arthur Stilwell built 2,300 miles of railroad, founded 40 cities, and added $1 billion to the US economy. He was a visionary, he was controversial, and he picked San Angelo for the main depot of his dream.

Come back to 1910 and meet this historic entrepreneur and learn ‘the rest of the story’. You’ll be transported through time with this original play and you’ll even meet Pancho Villa, whose dreams were not the same as Stilwell’s. And when the journey ends, you’ll find yourself on a railway platform far, far away enjoying drinks and treats in a place straight out of Stilwell’s dream.

You can make reservations now for the play at the Railway Museum (located at 703 South Chadbourne) by purchasing tickets at their website.