R.A.D. Kids San Angelo Celebrates 5 Years with SAISD

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Rad kids is celebrating five years of being apart of the educational curriculum in the San Angelo Independent School District. 

During a celebration at the LeGrand Center, R.A.D. program instructors received recognition for their work with local children. 

SAISD physical education and music teachers in the elementary school system teach RAD kids classes during gym class.

Remarks were given by Ed Smart, national RAD-kids advocate and father of Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted in 2002 and miraculously rescued nine months later.  

“I believe that whats happening is actually a cultural change in the community,” said Smart. “When the kids all understand and know the rules it kind of levels the playing field the kids know what to do and how to deal with the situation”
Catie Wiedenhofer with SAFE kids San Angelo says they aren’t slowing down any time soon. “Our next challenge is to continue what we’re doing. Because as long as there is a child out there being bullied, or a child that doesn’t understand that they are the most special in the world and that no one has the right to hurt them, rad kids is going to continue to go strong.”
RAD kids teaches children how to protect themselves from potential danger and harm, including bullying. 

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