SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Pulse Memorial Candlelight Vigil hosted by the Rape Crisis Center on Saturday focused on honoring the victims of the Pulse Night Club shooting back in 2016. But Sunday saw some 400 people cycle through the House of Fifi Dubois in downtown San Angelo for a comedy and drag show, happy to be able to gather again after Covid canceled so many gatherings last year.

“We are beyond proud and excited to be able to host these events this weekend,” said Tammy Sanchez, a Community Educator, Open Arms RCC. “I think the public really wanted to get back together and connect with our community and be able to just share the love.”

Organizers say that despite the hardships of years past, and the challenges from Covid, the LGBTQ+ community is seeing a lot more support. For those needing help with instances of harassment or abuse, reach out to the Open Arms Rape Crisis Center at (325) 655-2000.