President Donald Trump Signs The VA Mission

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Choice, guidance and financial stability are a few reform policies that occurred, as the VA Mission Act was signed Wednesday morning in Washington D.C.

“To be a part of history is wonderful,” says Leslee Beauchamp, a San Angelo local and air force veteran, who was effected by this Act.

“There’s 4 parts to it,” says Beauchamp. “The increase of the choice for veterans, and the open timeline for the 9/11 caregivers, the third one includes the asset infrastructure review. And then the fourth provides guidance for pilot programs innovation centers.” 

The process to get to the white house was no an easy task. Beauchamp says  that she wouls call Senators and Representatives offices to ask them if they would sponsor or support the bill.

Leslee Beuchamp and her team began advocating for the VA Mission Act in May, and was one of many groups invited to D.C. to sign the act alongside President Donald Trump.”

“It’s less expensive for us, it works out much better, and it’s immediate care,” says President Donald Trump.

After serving in the air force for 22 years, Beauchamp became San Angelo’s Field Director for Concerned Veterans of America.

“I started as a volunteer with Concerned Veterans For America in 2014, December 2014,” says Beauchamp, “and to come this far to see one of the products that we have been working for veterans for so long is just a magnificent feeling.”

 Beauchamp says she sees a brighter future for the veterans.

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