SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Plateau Brewing Company in downtown San Angelo is the creation of 4 partners. They recently won the top prize in the San Angelo Business Plan competition with a prize of $40,000.

The Brewing Company says they’ll use this prize money to re-do their back patio and transform it into a place they say San Angelo needs. One partner, Dan Adney, says, “It’s something that I think San Angelo needs. There’s not very many places outdoor like that, that you can sit and enjoy.”

The group started in 2020, right at the time we were all impacted by COVID-19. They were able to open up after some hiccups and entered the Business Plan competition that year. After falling short, Adney said instead of hanging their heads, they stayed positive, stayed the course, and re-entered this year.

Being victorious in winning the competition helps the brewing company work on its patio, but also look toward their future expansions. Adney says, “Our future plans are to continue to grow here locally within the building. We know we’ve got to max this out. But we also distribute beer all around San Angelo as well as Kerrville and Llano, and we’re looking to expand that even further.”

Plateau Brewing Company is open Thursday through Saturday 11 am-10 pm, and Sunday 12 pm-5 pm.