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Pizzeria opens in Robert Lee

Pizzeria opens in Robert Lee

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS - "Robert Lee- anything new coming in is a good thing, and the community can certainly use having the establishment succeed, not only for the purpose of pizza, but there's going  to be employment ," Brad Lindsey says.

Sam's Pizzeria opened their doors to the public on Independence Day.

"The original idea was to reopen the pizza place. It used to be known as 'The Pie' and we had the opportunity to purchase it, so we purchased it. After a week of cleaning and getting everything fixed, we opened up," Steven Sampson, owner of Sam's Pizzeria, says.

Sampson says he and his wife decided to open a new pizzeria because the town missed having a pizza place.

"Yeah, the town missed the pizza and I'm a business man, so I just chose that I purchase the building and out the pizza back into Robert Lee," Sampson says.

Although the building was already a pizzeria before, the owners say they plan on making some changes here in a few weeks, including the expansion of the patio and more specialty items to go on the menu, including the 'cowboy' pizza.

"Which is BBQ sauce, chicken, onions, and potatos," Sampson says.

Sampson says all of their pizzas start off as cheese pizzas, then costumers can add whatever toppings they want to them.

"As far as the pizza goes, I love the crust, I mean it's not real thin and it's not real thick, it's kind of interesting listening to them on the phone and describe it, but we don't have the same kind of crust you find all of the time, and that's kind of unique,"  Lindsey says.

Brad says Sam's Pizzeria doesn't just offer pizza, but their employees are filled with southern hospitality.

"I think the first thing they are going to experience are the friendly people. I mean, everyone here just loves doing what they're doing," Lindsey says.


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