SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Police Department shared via Facebook an unknown scam occurring on a local Facebook page called “Help Me Get Home” on August 5th.

SAPD says a person with a (210) area code has been contacting pet owners on the page informing them that they have their animal. The scammer then sends a six-digit code to the phone to help verify that they are the “pet’s owner”

When owners request the six-digit code to see a picture of their pet, the scammer is potentially trying to gain access to one of the owner’s accounts according to SAPD.

The police department reminds everyone to not engage with this scam if you are contacted. Contact the San Angelo Police Department desk duty officer at (325) 481-2696 or nonemergency dispatch at (325) 657-4315 if you are a victim of this scam or have any questions.