SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley PAWS has responded to concerns regarding the city’s Animal Shelter on their Facebook page.

The post began by thanking the community and everyone who has offered their home to a pet during the evacuation crisis. They went on to thank area rescues CMC2, New Beginnings, Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary, Cassie’s Place and Critter Shack for taking some animals into their care.

PAWS then went into addressing concerns brought up by the community saying, “recent photographs circulating on social media have raised valid concerns over how the city of San Angelo is housing animals. While we in no way defend those conditions or find them acceptable, there is more to the story than those photos depict.”

They went on to clarify PAWS works with the city of San Angelo to promote and facilitate the adoption of shelter pets as well as provide emergency medical care for pets. PAWS employs a licensed veterinarian to spay and neuter all shelter pets upon adoption.

“Concho Valley PAWS does not operate animal control,” said PAWS, “nor do we maintain the shelter building nor its pets. That is not our role. That is the role of the City of San Angelo Animal Services.”

The photos currently circulating on social media were taken at a time when the city’s shelter workers were scrambling to remove animals from the shelter to prepare for a deep clean and pest control treatment according to PAWS.

“It is not an excuse for those conditions, but those photos are not representative of how animals are housed on a regular basis,” said PAWS.

The post continued by addressing the shelter’s issues part of which is the overwhelming number of animals being housed there. They went on to say it is also an issue of inadequate staffing and staff wages claiming the people responsible for animal care and welfare are making less than what they could make if they went to work for any fast-food restaurant in San Angelo.

Paws said, “It’s a dirty job and even dangerous when you consider the city shelter is responsible for caring for and maintaining bite dogs and rabies quarantine.”

The organization reminded the community that If pet owners would stop abandoning their pets and stop allowing indiscriminate breeding, there would no longer be an overcrowded shelter.

Paws ended the post by saying, “Perhaps the naysayers were right all along – San Angelo can never be a no-kill community because not enough people care. However, those of us that do will not stop fighting to save lives.”

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