SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley Paws has reached out to the community asking for help caring for a dog hit by a car late December 15, 2022.

PAWS has arranged for emergency care but says that the dog will need ongoing care with the next 24 hours being touch and go.

“We pray that the kidney trauma is minor and she is able to urinate on her own. As far as internal injuries, that is the biggest concern, “said PAWS.


PAWS has found the dog a foster family to recover in however the family is out of town until after Christmas and PAWS will have to pay for her boarding in addition to hospitalization and treatment for lacerations, broken pelvis, broken leg, and/or possible amputation.

Currently, she is receiving fluids, antibiotics and pain meds throughout the night.

If you would like to donate to help PAWS, you can do so here.