SAN ANGELO, Texas – The PAWS Board of Directors recently released a statement, on Sept. 14, regarding the new rules that the City of San Angelo has set in order to address the concerns about the conditions of the San Angelo Animal Shelter.

Concho Valley PAWS says they are incredibly concerned and disheartened with the release from the City of San Angelo on Sept. 13. In this release the city said there will be a new population capacity of 125 dogs and 50 cats at the shelter with a maximum length stay of three months. This number includes animals in the general population, quarantine rooms, medical recovery rooms and more. The release went on to explain that the city will use adoption, short and long-term fosters, transportation to outside agencies for adoptions or fostering, or euthanasia to reduce the shelter population.

In the rescues letter, they explain that this population capacity also includes seized animals that are on a court mandate hold that could last up to 20 days or longer, causing limited space for animals that are available for adoption. The letter also shares if a mother dog of five puppies is taking up one kennel, it will count as six animals out of the 125 allowed in the shelter.

Concho Valley PAWS said that they are not against the capacity maximum of 125 dogs and 50 cats without any accommodations for medical hold, quarantine or court-mandated stays is not logical for a community of this size.

This decision will result in the return to the capture and kill philosophy reverting the shelter back to a high-kill facility. All the work invested by our staff and volunteers, the financial investments made by our donors, and the success in life-saving programs over the last five years will be lost.  But much worse than all that, thousands of animals will die simply because they were homeless.

Concho Valley PAWS

In the last week, Concho Valley PAWs had reached out to San Angelo City Manager Daniel Valenzuela via email requesting a meeting but have yet to receive a response the letter says.

Concho Valley PAWS felt as though it was important for them to be a part of the dialogue to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation at the shelter as a contracted partner. Although there are too many animals, PAWS shared that the bigger issue is the community’s failure to ensure their pets are spayed or neutered.

The mission of Concho Valley PAWS is to save lives. The rescues letter states that they will have to reevaluate their position as these changes at the animal shelter do not align with their mission.

Rest assured, we will not abandon these animals or our commitment to this work. We will always fight to save every life possible.  We know we are their voice. 

Concho Valley PAWS

PAWS shares that they always acknowledged and respected the shelter and the animals housed there are the “legal property of the City of San Angelo”. However, hearing the decision to through a press release abandoned the joint initiative to save lives according to Concho Valley PAWS. The rescue went on to share they had made multiple efforts to help the San Angelo Animal Shelter including bringing in professionals in the industry to discuss implementing programs and protocols to make the shelter more efficient and constructing outdoor kennels to assist in cleaning protocols.

Concho Valley PAWS encourages everyone to reach out to their city county representative and city leadership to fight for these animals.