UPDATE: March 1, 2023 — Concho Valley PAWS released an update on March 1, 2023, and said that a total of four dogs were hospitalized because of suspected poisoning. PAWS said that three of those dogs died after being hospitalized, and a fourth was recovering.

SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Concho Valley PAWS is asking for donations to help two dogs that have been hospitalized because of suspected Intentional poisoning.

One of the dogs ‘intentionally poisoned’ CC PAWS

The dogs were found in two separate locations in Riverbend. One was found on Rhine Loop and the other on Danube. Both dogs tested positive for ethylene glycol and the veterinarian says an opioid is also suspected (fentanyl).

They have responded to Narcan but are still in critical condition. PAWS has asked the community to contact the police if anyone knows any information.

“PLEASE keep your pets confined and watch them closely when on walks. This kind of cruelty also poses a risk to children who might handle a contaminated piece of meat or container,” said PAWS.

One of the dogs ‘intentionally poisoned’ CC PAWS

PAWS also cautioned about children playing outside. If you see anything suspicious, such as meat, food, or containers left out, or anyone giving food or treats along fence lines, PAWS said to contact the police.

If you would like to donate towards their care, click below or visit cvpaws.org/give