Part 2 of Carolyn McEnrue’s exclusive interview with former First Lady Laura Bush

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  Since returning home to Dallas from Washington — former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have stayed busy.  Carolyn McEnrue talked with her about some of their current projects when she was here in April for “Laura Bush Presents”.

  Laura Bush says:  ” I love to go for walks. George calls me an urban hiker because I love to walk in all the different parts of Dallas and look at houses of course that’s what I’m interested in…”.
  And, she says she’s also enjoyed yoga classes since returning from Washington.

“I’ve had a yoga instructor since I moved home from the White House which is one of my good friends recruited a yoga instructor and so we do what we all call laughing yoga — because it’s always a group and we’re not that serious about yoga — but it’s great stretching!”
  During his years as president — George W. Bush often went jogging — now he rides a mountain bike.

 ”He was a jogger — but he’s a mountain bike rider now and he rides mountain bikes in Dallas there are a lot of trails and the he’s built mountain bit trails at our ranch.”
  Presidential Retreats is the exhibit at the George W. Bush presidential center in Dallas, which includes a native Texas park she helped design.

  “Right now the Bush Library I’d like to invite everybody to come visit us and see what we have at the museum which is called “Presidential Retreats” and it’s about Camp David and about our ranch and about LBJ’s ranch and then President Bush’s beautiful Walker’s Point in Maine…….and then have lunch at Cafe 43 — named for George cause he was the 43rd president.”
  She says they often spent time at the White House when her father-in-law was the 41st president — and learned a lot about being first lady from Barbara Bush.
“….and they were great examples for us — I was very lucky to have Barbara Bush as a mother in law as you might guess — she taught me how to be First Lady for one thing — just watcdhing her and then she just was such an extraordinary person and I think everyone really saw that about both of them during their lives at their funerals….we miss them.”

And, her advice as a former first lady and busy mother and grandmother is to focus on something simple.

“But my advice really is to find out what’s really important and I think what really is important of course are our relationships with the people we love….”

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