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Sewer and quality improvements need trust fund money

Coming up in August 2019, officials say San Angelo city council is likely to call for the use of Lake Nasworthy trust fund dollars to be placed on the November ballot.

“There’s approximately $15,000,000 dollars available within that trust today,” said Allison Strube, the San Angelo Water Utility Director. “They want to use it towards several different projects; one of them being a sewer project and other ones being quality of live projects.”

The quality of life projects include repairing and reopening the fishing pier which has been closed for some time, as well as boat ramp improvements and shoreline restructuring. The top priorities among those are the shoreline to prevent erosion, and the sewer project.

“The sewer improvements are needed at Lake Nasworthy,” explained Strube. “We’ve been in front of council talking about that several times but ultimately the Lake Nasworthy area is at max capacity with it’s sewer system. So to do any development in that area especially out at the airport requires some major improvements to the sewer system.”

The Lake Nasworthy fund gets its money from residential property sales and leasing around the lake. It won’t fully fund the projects being considered, but will decrease the amount that the city must finance.

“If the use of these dollars is approved at the November election, we would start the permitting process and the design process to start using those funds for these improvements,” Strube detailed. “But, the use of those dollars require voter approval; and so on november 5th, it would be up to the voters if they want to see those improvements or not.”

To see when the matter is up for discussion at city council, click here. To register to vote, click here.

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