SAN ANGELO, Texas — Owner Jeff Parrine of All-Tex Irrigation and Supply sold over 210 outdoor hose covers in just 45 minutes as Concho Valley residents look to prepare ahead of this week’s freeze.

Parrine says, “It’s been last minute. We’ve seen an increase in about the last 24 hours I guess with the forecast and everything being projected. The cold is coming. The freeze is coming and yes, we’ve seen the last 24 hours has been hectic.”

The weather approaching is sending digits into the teens in the night-time hours as we close out the week. Parrine says that in order to stay ahead of the winter weather, we must be prepared; “Right now It’s a hot commodity the faucet covers are I mean flying off the shelves it’s fairly odd but people are trying to prepare with faucet covers, heat lamps, and insulation pipe wrap stuff to protect those pipes.”

When looking to keep pipes from freezing over, Parrine recommends that residents cover exposed pipes and faucets with outdoor hose bibs, and inside the house to regulate the interior temperature and open cabinets to allow that indoor heat to warm the pipes. In addition, it is always a good idea to leave faucets on a light drip to keep the water moving and give it less of a chance to freeze over.