SAN ANGELO, Texas — As West Texas prepares for winter there are a few things that homeowners should be aware of.

Black Plumbing’s San Angelo superintendent Justin Brock says “Normally it’s either going to be your hot side because hot always freezes faster than the cold. And then anything on an exterior wall.”

Those are the most affected areas for pipe freezes. Brock does recommend homeowners have a few things in place to help, “…hose bib covers something simple like that, where you just slide it over the hose bib. It kind of helps it from the direct hit of the wind, insulating the pipe, especially if it’s an exposed line if you have something running outside to like a fountain or to a shed or a shop or something like that insulate it.”

Black plumbing services the entire Concho Valley and says that if anyone needs information or plumbing needs, to visit them here.