SAN ANGELO, Texas — When growing a garden, first-time homeowners and gardeners sometimes struggle to find their knack for planting successful bouquets.

Tommy Olive, Co-owner of Olive’s nursery with his wife, says “The most important thing a plant needs is you to be there and observe because it can get too much water, it can get too much fertilizer, and it can get too little of everything too.”

Finding that balance is crucial when working in your garden. Olive says that developing a root structure is one of the most important parts.

“I think mulching on top of the ground keeps the soil cooler and more moist. Our water is great. I love it. I’m glad we have it. But more of San Angelo water is not better than just the right amount. So watering deeper and not as often is a good idea” Olive says.

And the main ingredient to a successful yard is patience, tender love and care.