Olivia Trufant is a tattoo artist studying the family business

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A local girl is likely the youngest tattoo artist in Texas, as well as a member of the San Angelo Trufant family, an established name in the world of skin and ink. At 11 years old, Olivia Trufant has grown up watching her father operate a tattoo business in San Angelo, and design hundreds of tattoos. That artistry, seems to have rubbed off.

“Well Olivia has been drawing for quite a while,” said Aubrey Trufant, Olivia’s father and a co-owner of Trufant Brothers Tattoo. “She’s been doing some painting. You know it started in school and it just kind of carried over to home and – she got kinda good at it. She started developing these little prints and she started selling her artwork.”

After a year of apprenticing, Olivia is already inking family members and friends, with constant guidance from her father and instructor. One of her more ambitious projects, a set of matching color tattoos for the Driscolls, who were wowed by her maturity and skill.

After completing about a dozen tattoos now, Olivia’s skills have developed quickly from that first butterfly tattoo she inked onto her dad not so long ago.

Her reasoning for her quick development? “I have all the best people,” said Olivia. “I grew up here, I have my dad, Alex and Garrett and Jake. They’re all great tattoo artists, and I feel like I just need my family.”

The Trufant brothers have been in business for over sixteen years, and though Olivia is only just nearing twelve, her father says it’s a joy to think the business can be passed on to another generation of of the Trufant family.

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