SAN ANGELO, Texas- 63 years since the Foster Communications Coliseum fairgrounds were established and now a move to renovate could be the first big project on Tom Green County Judge-Elect Lane Carter’s plate.

“As the county judge, we’re the budget officer so if the citizens pursue to vote yes on this and to levy a bond then we will be the financial holder to help the project along until the completion,” said Carter.

If you decide to vote yes, those extra taxes you’ll be paying will be added to your Ad Valorem taxes, also known as property tax.

“The facts are that this is the largest economic impact engine for the city of San Angelo. So, if it costs a taxpayer $40 or $50 more a year, that’s hard on us and we know that but those tax dollars will produce a lot of economic impact. A lot of taxes that are going to be paid from more and more people that come to town can be utilized for infrastructure, for streets, and other projects that need to be added to our city,” said the Executive Director of the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo, Justin Jonas.

Tom Green County Commissioners approved a resolution to support the project earlier in the month, so what are the next steps from here?

“The Rodeo Association will go and seek guidance from the council. We will work with the city before that to get that MOU [memorandum of understanding],” said Carter.

“There’s still a lot of logistics that have to be worked out. We need to meet with the city, we need to get the city and the county together to see who’s going to run the building. Will it be the city, will it be the county, will it be the association? Then the city council also has to approve this,” said Jonas.

County Judge-Elect Lane Carter says though this is a big project in the works, he has others that will be in queue during his term.

“One other project that’s going to be in our sights coming up is for a District Court Annex building. This renovation project along with that, we’re going to have to make sure we are working with our commissioners and coming down to budget time that we can pursue both of these projects,” said Carter.