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National Cowboy Day Celebrated At Fort Concho

National Cowboy Day celebrated with food, art, and theatre

SAN ANGELO, TX - Saturday, July 28th, is National Cowboy Day celebrated at Fort Concho. The event began at 9 in the morning to celebrate the national figure of the American cowboy.

The event includes food and refreshments catered from Fiddlfire, as well as Dr. Devon Stewart, ASU's Assistant Professor of Art History, who discussed the history of the American Plains Artists Organization

Also, the Concho Cowboys performed an award-winning skit.

The Site Manager at Fort Concho, Robert Bluthardt, says, "it does have a lot of attractive features, being out with the land in nature, being your own boss, and just having a lifestyle that didn't have a lot of responsibilities beyond the cattle that you were trying to drive the market."

The event was only one day, but the American Plains Artist Show is on display until August 5th.

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