Mums and garters are a traditional homecoming fashion sense

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“Bands, soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, a lot of trinkets and chains, anything just to like bulk it up. Lights, big bears. They use L-E-D lights to light em up. They use boas.” says Floral Decorator, Courtney Jackson.

Corsages are typically whats given at school dances, but since the early 1900s, well, Texans had a different idea.

They’re called mums, and, well, ‘mom…all the kids are doing it.’

The Market Street Floral Dept. Manager, Charlotte Bart, says, “some people order way in advance, like a month or so in advance. Some people wait until today, which is homecoming.”

They also cost a pretty penny.

“They start at about $45 and then you can add on from there,” says Jackson. “From trinkets, extra ribbon, names, bears, and then it can go up to over $100 depending on how large the mum is.”

Nowadays it’s normal for mums to be life size, but they weren’t always that big.

“Like a corsage you wear on your wrist, so it would be like a bow with a few ribbons sticking out, with a few colors, versus it hanging to your ankle,” says Jackson.

And boys, you better shape up, because a mothers biggest worry isn’t the garters you wear.

“Moms come in in a panic because the boyfriend didn’t buy the girlfriend one,” says Bart.

But no worries, we know you’re all in on the homecoming tradition.

“Football is a big deal in Texas,” says Jackson.

So be sure to get your mums and garters because in just one week they’ve sold about 70. And, as always, happy Homecoming.

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