SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo Revolution Film Festival and Concho Creator award winner, Cedrick Thomas Smith will be filming a movie in San Angelo, Texas

In September 2022 San Angelo held its third annual Revolution Film Festival with approximately 50 filmmakers in attendance. For the first time in its three-year history, the event awarded a filmmaker with the Concho Creator Award.  This award is given to an individual who gets their movie made by whatever means necessary and celebrates mavericks in indie filmmaking. 

Film Festival Planner, James Christopher said, “We are very excited to have multi-award-winning writer and director Cedric Thomas Smith not only as our first winner but for him to bring his filmmaking talents to San Angelo.”

Cedrick Thomas Smith CC DSA

Smith’s journey into filmmaking began in 2010 and today he has over 50 film festival award wins. Upon receiving the Concho Creator Award, fellow filmmakers asked, “What are you going to film here?”  Cedric responded, “I want to capture the beauty of San Angelo as well as the spirit of some of the wonderful citizens that I have gotten to meet here.” 

The film is currently in  pre-production and tentatively called, “Losing Lalo.” The film explores family and combat brothers grieving over the loss of a veteran due to mental health struggle.  Smith looks forward to telling this important story of our troops as well as letting the world see the picturesque wonder of San Angelo.

“San Angelo is proud of our Texas Film Friendly designation; we look forward to both supporting this important project, but also for the opportunity it brings to introduce our community to new audiences around the world,” said San Angelo Chamber of Commerce President Walt Koenig.