Mosquitoes thriving in West Texas due to recent rain

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Experts say get ready for a spring that includes lots of insects, including mosquitoes, across the Concho Valley. The number one recommendation is to not leave any standing water around your home or business.

“2019, welcome to mosquito season,” said Patsy McIntire, Co-Owner & Technical Director of Bug Express.

Recent rains and warm temperatures have been allowing mosquitoes to thrive in West Texas.

It takes between eight and ten days for a mosquito to mature and re-produce by the hundreds.

“You could be in the mosquito business in a heartbeat,” added McIntire.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep your home from becoming infested with these little critters.

“Maintain your lawn, your hedges, your landscaping. Keep it thin. They need that thick mulch to hide in there and harbor until it gets dusk and dawn and it’s time to go out and target all those lovely people that they want to bite,” suggested McIntire.

Emptying out containers that may hold any amount of water is also key to keeping mosquitoes at bay. 

“From the little baby swimming pools, to dog bowls, even to a bottle cap. If it can hold water, they can lay eggs in it and they will hatch,” explained McIntire.

While these tiny insects can be bothersome to people, they can be especially dangerous to pets.

“Mosquitoes are the transmitters of a lot of diseases. Heartworm disease is the biggest culprit and now that we’re getting some rain, as soon as mosquitoes show up we’ll find heartworm disease,” said Dr. Scott Blanton, a Veterinarian at Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital.

Once your pet has been hit by heartworm, they may end up dealing with heart and lung problems.

Aside from preventative measures you can take around your home, making sure your pet is up-to-date on heartworm medication can save you the trouble…and the money.

“The prevention is cheap. The treatment is expensive and it’s hard on the animal,” added Dr. Blanton.

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