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Midnight Masquerade Millionaire Ball held in downtown San Angelo

Angry Cactus hosts murder mystery dinner

SAN ANGELO, TX - A classic "who-dun-it" with cheesy one-liners, lots of laughs, and great food was performed at the Angry Cactus Halloween Night. The "Midnight Masquerade Billionaire Ball" murder mystery dinner featured an interactive experience combined with great food.

The Murder Mystery Company led patrons through the experience, as a Waldorf Salad, choice of Beef Wellington or Chicken Cordon Bleu, followed by a "Billionaires Chocolate Cake" with real 24-carat gold spray was served.

Angry Cactus Executive Chef Tim Condon elaborated the evening was to give "a unique experience for San Angelo, a chance to dress up and be served some great classical food dishes. The Murder Mystery Company is a top-notch performance company that puts on a compelling show."

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