Menard city officials discuss a possible bond to fix the roads

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SAN ANGELO, Texas Residents in the city of Menard have been frustrated about the condition of many of their roads, which are covered in potholes.

Most places are washed out. You can drive down just about any street and you’re going to have to doge some potholes, some bigger than others, claimed Jennifer Quintero, who is the Secretary for the City of Menard.

The roads are not getting fixed. It seems like we’ve been getting floods every month, practically every two or three weeks, stated Jesus Gonzales, who is a Menard city resident.

The streets of Menard were paved in the 1930’s. Since then, the asphalt has deteriorated and is now deemed dead. The road conditions only get worst with flood waters, washing them away.

“For about a month now, every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it has rained,” said Quintero.

In order for a pothole to be filled and fixed, it needs to be completely dry and that’s been difficult with the recent weather.

We know our streets are bad, and we’re not just sitting back doing nothing. We are trying to come up with options, find opportunities and get into windows whenever they’re open, expressed Quintero.

Furthermore, the Menard City Council held a public meeting, to discuss a proposed a $4 million dollar bond. The project would begin and end in the summer of 2020 and it would fix the potholes and even pave new roads.

“Many people are saying, ‘the city should pay for it, the city should pay for it!’ Well, the city is paying for it, 100 percent, because the citizens who are living here in Menard, they are the city and that’s where the city gets their funds from,” explained Quintero.

 “They need to get them fixed, if they raise taxes, I’m willing to pay my portion of it,” added Gonzales.

There will be 3 more meetings before a decision is made on whether to call for a bond election. 

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